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Cybernetics process is about going a direction and shifting to stay on course

Staying on course requires goalsStaying on course requires goals
If there is not a target, one will spend time being distracted by unimportant tasks and problems.

If there are too many targets/goals/voices, it is still a challenge to divide up time.

Prioritizing requires alignment about a company's values.

The system of capitalism affects the realities a company might be able or be willing to take on, and whether or not all perspectives will be valued. (uh oh…I feel jaded by starting to contemplate the weight that statement carries.)

[[A company can...
Staying on course requires awareness of tides and windsStaying on course requires awareness of tides and winds
As tides and wind cause drifting, one must redirect back toward destination

Cybernetics is like a sail boatCybernetics is like a sail boat

Cybernetics is like a thermostatCybernetics is like a thermostat
As a room temperature is changed from the air vents conditioned air, a thermostat must check to confirm if it has arrived or if it should continue to blow air to continue to change further.