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A person may not openly represent their complete reality and identity

  • 202208021456 - I am realizing that as a write about customers, I am doing so from a very enterprise-y mindset with customer as a stakeholder at another company, using a product for their company's purposes. A consumer customer would bring about other aspects I may be overlooking here.

My thought here ties to a few concepts:

  • Trust is an important factor of communicationTrust is an important factor of communication

    [[Open communication improves understanding]]
    [[Building rapport is important for conducting research]]

    Trust can be broken by communicating a promise and not following through

    I've observed situations where a customer is upset about being asked questions about a new topic and they feel their prior communication has been ignored.

    A balance of give and take is important - if a customer is giving free research as well as paying for your product (or their company is paying),...
    • If a customer or even colleague does not trust you, they may withhold or avoid a topic as to protect themselves or you from a critique or concern
  • Humans needs and desires are impacted by a variety of emotions, concerns, and
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    • Your experience with a person may not reflect their "true" self or thoughts, whether or not they intend for this (~ Johari WindowJohari Window
      From Wikipedia - Johari Window:

      Open / Arena

      Room 1 is the part of ourselves that ==we and others see.==
      The open area is that part of our conscious self-our attitudes, behavior, motivation, values, way of life-that we are aware of and that is known to others. We move within this area with freedom. We are "open books"

      Blind Spot

      Room 2 contains aspects that ==others see but we are unaware of==.
      Adjectives not selected by subjects, but only by their peers go here. These represent...
    • I'm interested in how the pandemic has affected individuals, particularly in professional settings where many may not feel able to be their complete self.
    • The number of meetings we have, the amount of time to take a breath, the distractions we have due to "remote life", etc etc—many factors should be considered in terms of interactions and dynamics we give and receive to customers and colleagues.
  • People respond a variety of ways based on their understanding of a questionPeople respond a variety of ways based on their understanding of a question

    [[The answer a persons gives is affected by bias]]

    • #comprehension #meaning #interpretation
    • Effective research can require asking a variety of questions to see the entire scope of a problem or process.
      • A response to a question can be affected by memory
      • A response to a question can be affected by one's experience of time (do they feel like they explain all the intricacies of a problem in the time they have available, in the rush they feel to answer the interviewer, et al?)